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In 2019, Webb Creek managed partnerships donated approximately 1,882 acres of property to the Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority in Fayette County, West Virginia. The Authority is comprised of over 250,000 acres of land and operates over 700 miles of outdoor trails.

This area has served as a tourism destination for off-road enthusiasts across the country who come to enjoy the trails and scenery that the Authority offers. The generous donation that was given to the Authority on behalf of Webb Creek provided the opportunity to further expand and develop this off-rode park for the benefit of All Terrain Vehicles, Utility Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Motorcycles. As Fayette County and the upper Kanawha valley region has been adversely impacted by the downturn in the coal industry, the funding, operation, and development of a fully functional trail system will provide a substantial economic development boost to the area. Jefferey Lusk, the Executive Director of the Authority, stated in a thank you letter to Webb Creek President, Ronnie Wallace “The property donation will lay the groundwork for future economic development in the Upper Kanawha region of Fayette and Kanawha counties. I know that your organization as part of this donation is truly interested in ensuring that not only the conservation easements on the property are maintained, but also that the donation creates economic opportunity for the residents of the area.”